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Forget saving the planet, driving an electric car will save your life

Awesome numbers and research done. It is all about perspective!


The failure to persuade a sizable percentage of Americans that climate change poses a clear and present danger is one of the great failures in marketing and the subject of considerable debate among scientists, academics and politicians. But there is one argument for taking action against global warming that has resonated: health.

When the Koch brothers and two Texas oil companies bankrolled a California ballot initiative in 2010 to gut the state’s landmark global warming law, billionaire activists activist Tom Steyer and his allies defeated the measure in part by arguing not that it would lead to climate catastrophe but would harm Californians’ health by allowing petroleum giants to pollute while keeping smog-creating cars on the road.

Now there are some hard numbers to back up those claims. A study released this week by the Environmental Defense Fund and the California chapter of the American Lung Association analyzed the…

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CCM – game changer!

The CCM matches buyers (municipalities, businesses and individuals) of Community Carbon Credits/GHG reductions with local sellers (Social enterprises, businesses and non profits that reduce carbon emissions). These organizations were previously unable to access the market because their projects were too small, the costs of assessments were too high, and the bureaucracy and jargon was too thick!

The result is an online “Farmer’s Market of the Carbon Market” featuring local projects that you can feel good about supporting. Each purchase of a community carbon credit (C3) is an investment that helps support the local economy and fosters community resilience!

You can sign-up as
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What’s it all about?

There is a new local approach for communities to lower their carbon footprint while kick-starting the local low-carbon economy. For the first time, small to mid-sized businesses and community organizations can generate revenue streams for every tonne of carbon reduced through eligible GHG projects by participating in the innovative online Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM) Program. This new revenue stream rewards sustainable business decisions and acts as a tipping point in favour of making them. By directing offsetting dollars back to the communities where they originate and monetizing locally-generated carbon credits, the CCM will create additional value for initiatives that reduce GHGs, and create a multiplier effect that supports ongoing growth of the local low-carbon economy.

The Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM) is a community-based carbon exchange initiative to enable local governments, businesses and individuals to meet carbon-neutral objectives by purchasing carbon offsets from community-based projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build community resilience.

Prior to the CCM initiative, the knowledge and cost barriers to community-scale projects prevented local organizations and small businesses from being able to account for, and realize the value of carbon credits for which their projects would be eligible. First launched in 2012 by Cowichan Energy Alternative (CEA) in consultation with local and regional government as well as the provincial Climate Action Secretariat (CAS), this initiative creates a community-based alternative to existing carbon offset registries that is based on international protocols and works within BC provincial guidelines.