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Local Community Solution to the Global Problem of Climate-Change

In 2005, New Society became the first North American book publishing company to become carbon neutral. There was no model to follow, so in true New Society Publishers fashion, they created one. Ever since then, New Society has taken steps to not only reduce its emissions but also balance them every year to maintain its carbon neutral commitment. New Society has been using 100% post-consumer recycled, ancient forest friendly paper that yields a reduction of 36% in their annual carbon emissions over “business as usual.” The balance of the emissions which cannot be reduced is neutralized by investing in local greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction initiatives that prevents the release of a similar quantity of emissions, or which will achieve long-term carbon-storage.

In 2005, New Society neutralized 213 tonnes of carbon. In 2014, nearly 10 years later, they are balancing 200 tonnes GHG emissions through Vancouver Island-based Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM), the first online community carbon credits market in North America. The CCM is an appealing alternative in the evolving Carbon market as it functions as a “micro-exchange.” CCM is accessible by community-based greenhouse gas (GHG) initiatives and local governments, and directs offsetting dollars to invest in the development of a local low-Carbon green economy to balance communities for a healthy planet.

The Community Carbon Marketplace, a not-for-profit initiative of Cowichan Energy Alternatives Society (CEA), is an online community carbon exchange that helps local governments and businesses meet carbon neutral objectives through the purchase of community carbon credits (CCCs) generated by local organizations and projects that reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHGs).  If your organization or business is working on a green project that reduces GHG emissions, such as using renewable fuel/energy, land conservation/restoration etc, you may be doing more than a good thing for the environmental – you may be generating revenue which until now you haven’t been able to access in the form of CCCs. These can be listed and sold through the CCM for organizations to meet their carbon-neutral commitment entirely from community offset sources.

Funds from the purchase of each CCC go to the organizations and projects that produce them, as the CCM supports credible, ethical community-based GHG reduction projects by ensuring community dollars are transparently directed to local organizations and small-businesses to invest in their green initiatives.                                                                                                

“We encourage non-profits and green businesses throughout Vancouver Island and Coastal BC to visit our website where they can do a simple self-assessment for eligibility, and get on a waiting list for possible subsidies.” – Hassaan Rahim, Project Manager – Cowichan Energy Alternatives.

CCM recently entered a “community champions” contest run by BC Hydro and need your votes to win $10,000. Each person can vote once per day until the contest ends on November 30th. BC teachers and schools can also support the CCM video and enter themselves for a chance to win $1000 for their class!  You can watch the video and vote for the CCM initiative at:

Let’s vote for CCM each and every day and support their mission to provide sustainable and local solutions to our global problems.


For more information on the Community Carbon Marketplace, visit the CCM website at: or watch our animated video below: